Bio Garment Bags

Material: PBAT,PLA

Color: Transparent OR customers demand

Size: W350* L450 + lip50mm

Thickness: above 30um

Print: According to customer requirements.

Packaging: According to customer requirements.


Compostable Garment Bags

Compostable garment bags are made from a clear, lightweight, durable and printable single-layer film. This eco-friendly alternative offers excellent protection, so it can be used as a garment bag for dresses, gowns, t-shirts, suits and pants. Our eco garment bags can be printed in up to one color to accommodate branding information, choking hazard warnings, compatibility certifications and disposal instructions. Garment bags can be custom sized to fit short, medium and long garments. Each Eco Garment Package comes on a roll for small volume storage.


Pouches are produced on rolls with easy-tear perforations.

Flexographic and digital printing provides one color for custom brand messaging for great shelf impact and to communicate company values.

Suggested Use

Clothing: garment bag, dress bag

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Bio Garment Bags

Eco-friendly garment bags that promote responsible fashion

As they decompose, they release nutrients into the ground, which can help plants grow. And they're easy to dispose of, so you don't have to worry about sorting or recycling them. In addition, compostable bags are part of the circular economy, which means you can turn waste into a useful resource. By choosing these bags, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to reducing their ecological footprint and promoting a greener future. Additionally, consumer awareness and demand for sustainable alternatives are driving the availability and accessibility of compostable garment bags in the market.

In conclusion, compostable garment bags offer a viable and environmentally friendly solution to replace traditional plastic bags in the fashion industry. They help reduce plastic waste, support composting systems and advance circular economy principles, while maintaining the functionality and convenience needed for garment packaging and transportation.

At HuaWei New Materials, we specialize in a wide variety of items such as tote bags, grocery bags, doggy bags, garbage bags, cling wrap, courier bags and more. Our product line is primarily made from eco-friendly materials. As an eco-conscious manufacturing company, we aspire to contribute to a greener, more sustainable planet. Notably, our products have a lifespan of up to one year, after which they naturally decompose into nutrient-rich manure without leaving any harmful residue.

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