Bio Mailer Bags (Courier Bag)

Color: Natural color, Customized according to customers

Common materials: compostable compounds for making express delivery bags

Custom Size: The minimum width is 155mm, and the maximum is within 1 meter (including tongue length)

Printing: biodegradable certified inks available on request


Compostable Courier Bags

Huwei's compostable courier bags and compostable courier bags are 100% biodegradable and compostable, making them sustainable, world-class alternatives to traditional courier bags for the safe, secure and reliable transportation of goods.

Product Details

Tear and Spill Resistant: makes the bags easy to store and carry without worrying about the bags breaking. The strength of all our bags is tested in our specialized quality control lab.

Writable and printable: can be used for a wide range of online purchases

Waterproof and opaque: banks can use them for secure transmission of sensitive and confidential documents.

Equipped with self-adhesive tape: easy to close and secure.

Adheres to regional laws and compliance certifications: ensures top-notch product quality so that buyers can have complete peace of mind when purchasing pure, authentic products.

Product inputs are free of genetically modified materials: free of toxic chemicals.

Customization Options

Custom sizes, colors, printing, thickness.

Thickness: 40-80microns (thicker ones need to be confirmed separately), conventional thicknesses of 55um and 60um

Printing surface: 2S1C, 2size1color

Flap,Lip: 35mm-80mm, according to the size of the delivery bag

The size of the delivery bag is small, and the tongue is usually 30mm-60mm.

The size of the delivery bag is relatively large, and the tongue is generally 70-80mm

Seal: The common ones are single seal and double seal, which can be used twice

Authentication; Have Certification

Packaging: 100 pieces/bag+inner lining bag, placed flat inside the cardboard box, not folded

Bio Mailer Bags (Courier Bag)

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used to make Huawei's delivery bags?

Huawei's courier bags are made from fully biodegradable and compostable materials such as corn starch, PLA and PBAT, a combination that reduces CO2 emissions by 60% compared to traditional plastics, is non-toxic, free of genetically modified materials, and contains no phthalates or bisphenol A (BPA).

What is the capacity of these biodegradable courier bags?

The sizes range from 100-1000mm and are suitable for both small and large couriers.

Are these compostable courier bags waterproof?

Yes, Huawei compostable courier bags are waterproof.

Can these biodegradable courier bags be written and printed on?

Absolutely.Huawei biodegradable courier bags work just like traditional plastic courier bags. The only difference is that they don't harm the environment like traditional plastics do.

List of Regular Sizes

SIZE: mmThickness: umColor of filmsample
220*(330+80)  double seal55umBlackAvailable
370*(480+50)  single seal55umGreenAvailable
190*(260+55 flap) single seal60um
220*(340+55 flap) single seal60um
265*(380+55 flap) single seal60um
360*(480+55 flap) single seal60um

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