Bio Shopping Bags( T-shirt Bag)

Color: Any color is makable

Common materials: starch materials, CaCo3 materials


Starch material: natural color 1.09, film color 1.17;

Caco3 material: 1.25 -1.35


Compostable T Shirt Bags

Compostable t-shirt bags contain plant-based, renewable materials derived from corn starch and vegetable oil that are safe for the environment. By using compostable bags, you can do more to protect the environment.


Does not contain polyethylene or any other non-biodegradable plastics

Complies with various commercial composting regulations for zero waste or organic waste diversion programs

Made from bio-based plastics that naturally breathe, emit moisture and help control odors

Genetically modified (GMO) free

Longer shelf life than biodegradable bags containing starch

Bio Shopping Bags( T-shirt Bag)

Size: Customized according to customers

Thickness: 20-25mic is a common size, maximum can achieve 60mic.Thinnest 12um.

Load capacity: 20-25mic, with a load capacity of 2-4KG and a load capacity of 6.5KG for 30mic.

Handle width: 5-8cm

Printing surface: 

1. Gravure printing, water ink printing

2. 4-color printing, with a total of no more than 4 colors on the front and back sides.

Packaging: The principle of 50 pieces in a stack, with a single box weight of around 10-15KG.


Bio Shopping Bags( T-shirt Bag)


SIZE: mmThickness: umColor of filmsample
(300+80*2) *55030Nature colorAvailable
(300+70*2) *54022Nature colorAvailable
(270+70*2) *50025Nature colorAvailable
(300+80*2) *55030Nature colorAvailable 

Frequently Asked Questions about Compostable Tote Bags

What materials are used to make Huawei's totes?

Huawei's bags are made from fully biodegradable and compostable materials such as corn starch, PLA and PBAT, a combination that reduces CO2 emissions by 60% compared to traditional plastics and is non-toxic, free of genetically modified (GMO) materials, and free of phthalates or bisphenol A (BPA).

What is the capacity of the Huawei tote?

Available capacities range from 1-20 kilograms.

How much weight can Huawei bags hold?

This depends on the size of the bag. These bags are available in both W-cut and U-cut formats. As the size of the bag increases, so does the carrying capacity.

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