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Mulch made from biodegradable plastics is an economical and ecological alternative to traditional agricultural films.


Biodegradable Plastic Mulch

Biodegradable plastic mulch is a fully biodegradable plastic mulch that requires no manual cleanup nor skymai, and since there is no need for collection or disposal, Biodegradable plastic mulch can save you time and money.

Biodegradable plastic mulch provides the strength needed to ensure a tight fit on raised beds and flat beds while improving growing conditions. It also retains all the benefits of conventional mulches, such as increased yields, ease of installation, earlier harvesting, soil warming, weed control and moisture retention.

Biodegradable plastic mulch warms the soil for earlier crop growth and also keeps weeds growing for a few months before they decompose, so they don't have to be removed and added to agricultural plastic waste. It's especially good for vine crops like watermelon and sweet potatoes because when the mulch decomposes, the vines cover the ground and weeds don't stand a chance.

Degradable mulching film is a new type of mulch produced to meet the needs of the society for environmental protection, the main raw materials are biodegradable PBAT, PLA and other mixed production. Biodegradation is achieved by utilizing microorganisms in nature to degrade the film. It can be 100% Biodegradable.

It is used as a ground cover to increase soil temperature, retain soil moisture, maintain soil structure, prevent pests from attacking crops and diseases caused by certain microorganisms, etc., and to promote the function of plant growth.

Mulch looks like a thin layer, but the role is quite large. Not only can improve the ground temperature, water, soil, fertilizer to improve the efficiency of fertilizer, but also weed control, disease prevention, drought and flood control, salt suppression and seedling protection, to improve the near-surface light and heat conditions, so that the product hygiene and cleanliness and many other functions. For those seedlings just out of the ground, it has the role of root protection and growth promotion.


Industrial compostable bioplastic compound for particularly tear-resistant film and net applications

Certified soil degradable bioplastics, xeriscape

and agricultural films

Opaque, partially compostable film for high-strength home compostable films

Biobased bioplastics

Mulching Film PBAT  PLA  Others

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