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Biodegradable stretch film is an environmentally friendly packaging option for wrapping and securing pallets and bulk items for transportation and storage.

Biodegradable Stretch Film

Biodegradable stretch film, produced by using PBAT as the main raw material proportion formula, can produce biodegradable stretch film such as hand-use, resistance-type machine-use, pre-stretching-type machine-use, anti-UV, anti-static and anti-rust. It has the following advantages:

1. Using double-layer co-extrusion equipment, the pressed winding film can maximize all the characteristics of each polymer, its transparency, tensile strength, anti-perforation strength, to reach the optimal state at the melting point.

2. It has good tensile properties, good transparency, uniform thickness.

3. It has longitudinal elongation, good rebound, good transverse tearing resistance, and excellent self-adhesive overlap.

4. It is environmentally friendly, recyclable material, odorless, anti-UV, anti-electricity and anti-rust. Recyclable material, odorless, non-toxic, can be directly packaged food. 

5, can be manufactured single-side adhesive products, reduce the noise issued during the winding and stretching process, reduce the transportation, storage process of dust, sand.

Key Benefits

Biodegradable formulation

The film meets recognized industry standards and helps reduce environmental impact while protecting your product.

Guaranteed roll length

Ensuring you get value for money. Unlike many rolls of palletized packaging film on the market, Huawei offers guaranteed roll lengths, giving you complete peace of mind that you won't be left with a short length roll.

High strength film

Extremely tough formulas allow the film to withstand tremendous tension without breaking, ensuring excellent packaging stability and security.

Reduced environmental impact

No one likes to see plastic litter in hedgerows or on the coast, and this film is helping to change that. The innovative formula makes the film biodegradable, helping to protect wildlife habitats and keep the countryside clean.

Fully recyclable

As well as reducing the amount of film used, the polymers used to make the film are widely recycled around the world, ensuring you protect the environment and your products.

Our company mainly produces biodegradable stretch film.

Biodegradable stretch film usually has the effect of increasing temperature and preserving moisture and inhibiting weed growth. By covering the soil surface, it forms a physical barrier on the soil surface, hindering soil moisture evaporation and heat dissipation, increasing soil temperature, providing a more suitable environment for microorganisms, accelerating the decomposition and utilization of soil nutrients, and promoting crop growth. In addition, part of the biodegradable film material is rich in C.N.P.K and other nutrients necessary for soil and plants, and after degradation into the soil, it can also be used as a nutrient to improve the soil and promote crop growth and production.


In the food field, it is safe, non-toxic, harmless, environmentally friendly, does not produce harmful substances to food, has good transparency, high viscosity and good elasticity. Biodegradable cling film has the advantages of preventing food stringing, reducing bacterial contamination and maintaining food nutrients. It has a certain degree of breathability and restricts the loss of water, which can regulate the oxygen content and moisture content around the food, and at the same time block dust and bacterial contamination to a certain extent.


In the medical field, degradable film, due to its unique biocompatibility, non-toxicity and harmlessness, solubility and stability, can well enter into the animal and human body, maintain the stability of structure and performance in the physiological environment, and decompose precisely in the specified period and range, and is usually used as a drug carrier for the development of slow-release drugs.


In the field of packaging, due to the high strength, antioxidant, antibacterial, high airtightness, harmless and environmentally friendly characteristics of biodegradable film, it can well protect food from contamination, and can reduce the loss of water and nutrients to avoid oxidation, so as to maintain the freshness of the food, and is conducive to storage and preservation. Therefore, it is often used as packaging bags, cling film, etc. for the preservation of fresh, fruits and vegetables and cooked food.


In the field of industrial separation, industrial stretch film, some of the biodegradable membranes with selective permeability, gas barrier, water resistance, hydrophobicity and other characteristics can be used in the industrial field of wastewater treatment, ion extraction, oil and water separation, gas separation, etc., with a small footprint, high separation efficiency, specialization, automation and high degree of advantage.

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