Chinaplas 2024

Apr. 26, 2024

CHINAPLAS has been away from Shanghai for 6 years

The Return of Dominance Show

On the first day of the opening ceremony

The number of viewers has broken the first day record of previous editions!

Also breaking the record is the number of overseas viewers

19,380 is the highest single day in history

Chinaplas 2024 


How many environmental protection technology secrets does CHINAPLAS hide to support the circular economy?


The exhibition has set up environmental protection themed areas such as recycling and regeneration technology and biodegradable, and recycled plastics in the 17th major theme areas. 90% of post consumer recycled polycarbonate, quality balance PA66 containing Asian post consumer plastic waste, chemical recycling of medical grade ABS materials, sustainable TPE, and bottle and piece sorting machines are emerging one after another.

The scene is very popular!


 Chinaplas 2024

Huawei actively responds to the national "plastic ban" policy call and is committed to the research and development, production and sales of fully biodegradable material technology. The HW series developed and produced by the company is a type of green and environmentally friendly thermoplastic resin, which is a completely biodegradable material and does not contain polyolefin plastics. A biodegradable plastic bag mainly made of calcium carbonate and corn starch as the main raw materials.


It can be ultimately degraded into harmless substances such as carbon dioxide and water under specific conditions in nature or soil composting.


We have obtained degradation certification in domestic, European Union (DIN CERTCO, TUV), United States (BPI), Australia (ABA) and other countries or regions.

Chinaplas 2024 


On the same Earth, in the same world, let us make a contribution to environmental protection by replacing traditional plastic bags with biodegradable bags. Towards a New Future of Environmental Protectio.

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