Global Warfare Plastics

Apr. 23, 2024

World Earth Day 2024


Global Warcraft (Planet vs. Plastics), the theme of World Earth Day 2024. Currently, approximately 400 million tons of plastic waste are generated annually. Out of the 7 billion tons of plastic waste generated globally, less than 10% of plastic waste is recycled. The China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation has launched the "People vs. Plastics" campaign in response to the theme of "Global Warcraft" on Earth Day in 2024.


Global Warfare Plastics


The Earth is our common mother, but the way we humans treat her is worrying. In pursuit of profit and a better life, plastic waste is littered everywhere, sewage is discharged at will, exhaust gas is discharged at will, forests are cut down and resources are wasted recklessly.

Protecting the ecological environment has always been a sustainable development goal advocated and practiced by countries around the world. April 22nd every year is a festival specifically established for the protection of the world environment, known as The World Earth Day. Today, World Earth Day has spread to 192 countries worldwide, with over 1 billion people participating each year, making it the world's largest folk environmental festival. The theme of World Earth Day in 2024 is "Global Warcraft", which will be an opportunity to remind us to pay attention to these issues and take effective action, as well as an opportunity to call on the whole society to participate in environmental protection.


"Currently, the world produces and consumes 430 million tons of plastic annually, of which 46% of plastic waste is landfilled and 22% is poorly managed and becomes waste. In 2019, greenhouse gas emissions from plastic were 1.8 billion tons, accounting for 3.4% of the global total." The United Nations Environment Programme recently issued a warning, "The social and economic costs of plastic pollution range from 300 billion to 600 billion US dollars per year. However, plastic production has surged in the past 50 years, and if action is not taken, it is possible to double in the next 20 years."


The essence of plastic pollution is the leakage of plastic waste into natural environments such as soil and water bodies, which is difficult to degrade and brings environmental hazards such as visual pollution, soil damage, and microplastics. So what can we do for our planet?


1. Replace plastic with biodegradable materials

Replacing plastic packaging paper, samples, and takeout boxes with products made from alternative materials such as Biodegradable materials, Compostable materials, and recycled plastics can reduce plastic pollution by 17%.


2. Replacing plastic with bamboo

More and more regions are starting to use bamboo to manufacture daily necessities, in order to reduce their dependence on plastic. Bamboo not only has strong carbon absorption ability, but also is a sustainable raw material.


3. Promote the concept of green living

Actively promote the concept of green living, enhance awareness of plastic reduction and environmental protection, and encourage people around us to protect forests and cherish the Earth's environment.

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