How to Create the Perfect Packaging Field?

Dec. 11, 2023

From November 22 to November 24, 2023, we participated in Shanghai World Of Packing.

SWOP 2023 at the New International Expo Center N1-N5, a total of five exhibition halls, is committed to creating a packaging industry chain display platform, exhibits covering primary packaging, secondary packaging, packaging materials production and processing machinery, packaging and printing, food and beverage processing and packaging, pharmaceutical and cosmetic processing and packaging, non-food consumer products processing and packaging, packaging materials and packaging containers, packaging products, packaging design and services, etc., buyers from eight end-use areas: food, beverage, dessert, bakery, packaging design and services, and so on. The buyers come from eight end-use sectors: food, beverage, dessert, bakery, medicine, daily chemicals, non-food consumer products and industrial products.


The scale of this year's SWOP is more than 62,0000 square meters, Huawei New Materials showed our machines and products in two pavilions, due to our strong strength, our customers came from far and wide to participate in the event, and we were very happy to receive them, the customers were from Chile, Spain, Holland, Romania, the U.S., India, and the Middle East, Southeast Asia and so on.

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In the N1 exhibition hall, we are displaying our latest blown film machine, which is Three-tier co-extruded blown film machine. This blown film machine is a film made by co-extruding three layers of HDPE, PA-6 and LLDPE. The three layers of co-extruded film are generally called inner layer, middle layer and outer layer. At present, there are not many manufacturers in China that can produce this machine, and we are one of them. Three-tier co-extruded blown film machine has the advantages of higher output, good plasticization of products, low energy consumption, easy operation, and completely solved the problems of film ruffles and winding size head, so that the product quality is on a new level.

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In the N4 exhibition hall, we display our main products, biodegradable raw materials and compostable product bags. Our compostable materials products degrade fast in soil and natural environment, its non- toxic, pollution-free and odor free. It will not destroy soil structure, its really do from: “ from nature return to nature”. So our 100% biodegradable and compostable bags are the fist choice to replace plastic bags.


Our main products are including 100% biodegradable and compostable resin, finished products: 100% compostable shopping bags, 100% compostable flat bags, 100% compostable trash bags, 100% compostable mailer bags, 100% compostable garment bags, 100% compostable poop bags, 100% compostable large bin bags, 100% compostable drawstring bags and so on. All compostable bags customized according to customer requirements, include the color, size, type,materials. Welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit our factory and accept your inquiries at any time!

How to Create the Perfect Packaging Field?cid=5


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