What Is The Safest Type of Cling Film to Use?

Feb. 19, 2024

Not only are there many similar articles on the Internet, but many elders in our family have also been urging us to use less cling film from time to time, nowadays, takeaways, fruits, milk tea, vegetables, meat, and food markets, almost all of our diets are inseparable from cling film. As a result, the concern about whether cling film causes cancer has become more and more obvious. 

What Is The Safest Type of Cling Film to Use?cid=5

To make the original hard and brittle plastic become soft and tough, it is necessary to use plasticizers. The "cling film will cause cancer," a large part of the claim is from the cling film added plasticizer, such as PVC material cling film added plasticizer. When this plastic wrap is "wrongly used", it will increase the precipitation of plasticizers. Take PVC plastic wrap as an example, due to the addition of DEHP plasticizer, the stability is poor, especially in contact with high-fat food or high temperatures, which will produce harmful substances. Some research institutions have done related experiments, a piece of cooked food wrapped in PVC cling film, was put into the refrigerator for 24 hours, and 24 hours later this piece of cooked food detected plasticizers, the content of which is 7.49mg/kg.

 What Is The Safest Type of Cling Film to Use?cid=5


Long-term large intake of plasticizers, not only will damage the liver and kidneys, cardiovascular and brain, but also may disrupt the human body endocrine, increasing the risk of breast cancer. Since the harm is so great, then why PVC cling film is still allowed to be produced and sold? This is because the WHO will be plasticizers in the phthalates classified as 2B carcinogens, the so-called 2B carcinogens, refer to animal experiments on animals that have a carcinogenic effect, but the carcinogenic effect on humans is not clear.


If you're worried, you can choose other materials that are safer for plastic wrap. These 3 types of plastic wrap are safer!


①Polyethylene (PE) is also a traditional non-biodegradable plastic and is not recommended to be used for foods that are high in oils and fats and whose flavor is easily damaged by oxygen, such as nuts, meat, and pastries. However, it can be used for vegetables, fruits, and leftovers.

②Polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) plasticizer is also used in this type of plastic wrap, but it is a citrate plasticizer, so it is safer. However, the cost of this film is also higher, and more difficult to process, so the use of relatively few.

③ Other biodegradable materials now with the improvement of environmental awareness, some of the cling film is also gradually used bio-based or biodegradable materials, the most typical is polylactic acid (PLA). In short, the cling film is related to our usual dietary health and food safety, do not think that the food anyway, the last still needs to be heated, it is taken lightly.


What Is The Safest Type of Cling Film to Use?cid=5 

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