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One of the biggest biodegradable plastic products and bio Plastic bag manufacturer and supplier in China. HuaWei Packaging is the leading provider of compostable packaging. With our biodegradable bags, we offer a complete one-stop compostable packaging solution for sustainable business.

What is Starch based Biodegradable & Compostable resin?

Starch based biodegradable & compostable resin is based on a blend of thermoplastic starch (TPS), biodegradable polyesters and natural plasticizers. This grade of resin is compatibilised to offer a high level of mechanical strength, impact resistance and toughness. The resin is based on corn starch which is a renewable materials. A fully biodegradable and compostable resin Designed to be used for film blowing.

Biodegradable Resin

A line of biodegradable and compostable resins made from different starches such as corn, potato, grain and other bio-sourced polymers. Designed to run on existing standard industrial equipment, compostable resins offer the opportunity to completely replace traditional plastics.

The Benefits

- Compostable resins can be processed through conventional extrusion, cast film, blow molding, sheet, extrusion coating and injection molding lines without additional technology investment.

- Fully biodegradable and compostable. These two properties allow plastic packaging materials to be recycled through organic recycling of solid waste (composting and anaerobic digestion) and are certified according to the European standard EN 13432.

Application Examples

Food packaging, disposable tableware and other single-use items associated with food and other perishable products are key targets for compostable plastics. Product applications for biodegradable resins are not limited to disposable or single-use situations. In some cases, biodegradability confers unique functional benefits to the product. This is often true in horticultural and agricultural applications, where products may be needed to provide short-term support or act as temporary barriers. Mulch and planters are examples of such products.

Applications include:

Packaging for food and other products

Disposable items such as catering utensils

Organic waste containers

Horticulture and other agricultural applications

A wide range of injection molded products

Film and sheet applications

Thermoforming applications